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Fort Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

"Brush 14"

2013 Ford F450

Slide in Unit was donated by the Forestry Department. 

Honda Rancher 4X4 Red "ATV 14-1"

Honda Rancher 4X4 Yellow "ATV 14-2"

2009 Ford F-450 4X4 Horton Ambulance
Automatic Transmission

​Photo credited to Jim Trott

2005 International Pierce Pumper
Automatic Transmission, 1000 Gallon Tank, 1000 GPM Pump

"SERVE 14"
Previously titled "Mobile 14" 

2004 Ford F-250
Automatic Transmission, Used to transport ATV's & Manpower

A 1997 Freightliner Pierce Pumper
Automatic Transmission, 1000 Gallon Tank, 1000GPM Pump

"MINI 14"
1986 Ford F-350 Mini Pumper/Brush 4X4 
4spd Transmission, 250 Gallon Tank, 500 GPM Pump

Current Apparatus

Left to Right:

Truck 14, Wagon 14, Tanker 14, Mini 14 and Salvage 14

Tanker 14


 Wagon 14

I  do not have any information

on this piece of apparatus.  

As soon I as I do this will be updated.

1941 Chevrolet

First piece of apparatus.  Purchased from the Edinburg Fire Company for $500.00 in 1964 after the FVVFD was established.

Past Apparatus