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A link to the application will be added ASAP.  Otherwise you can come to our Monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm. and pick one up in person.

Fort Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

First let me thank you and tell you how excited we are that you are interested in joining our department.  You will not only be helping out the department but you'll also be helping out your community.  This application is only the beginning.  You will also need to have a back ground check and be fingerprinted.  This is for the safety of the public and the department.

To obtain an application, please see one of our members or officers who can get you a hard copy of the application.  If must be filled out entirely with all information requested unless it is N/A for you.  Any portion of the application not filled out will slow down the efforts of submitting your application to SCFR for your background check(s).  

Once the application has been filled out and submitted, you will need to go to the Shenandoah County Fire and Rescue Office at 600 North Main Street, Woodstock, VA 22664, (540)459-6167 and ask for Shannon Walters.  She will give you a fingerprint card and instruct you where you need to go to get fingerprinted and what to do with the card afterwards.  

Regardless of how you fill out your application, a copy will be given to the appropriate people to run the background check.  

Upon submitting your application, you need to attend your first meeting.  All meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, no matter the holiday or the weather.  At this meeting your application will be read to the membership.  This will give the membership the opportunity to meet you and for you to meet those who are in attendance.

At the second meeting you attend your application will be re-read.  The time your application is first read until it is re-read gives the membership time to consider your application.  It also gives time for the complete background check to be performed.  At this second meeting, once the application is re-read, a vote will take place by written ballot to accept or deny your application for junior/regular probationary membership.

Once accepted into probationary membership, you will need to be active and attend three (3) additional meetings.  At the third meeting a vote will be taken by written ballot to accept or deny your probationary membership for junior/regular membership.

Once accepted into junior/regular membership you will need to pay your first set of dues of $3.00 for junior membership and $5.00 for reglar membership.  These dues will then be due at the annual meeting held on the first Tuesday of December each year.

A copy of the bylaws will be given to you along with a rookie book (for those who will be running members).

Fort Valley VOLUNTEER Fire Department, Inc.

 Membership Application