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Fort Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Once upon a time, kids around the age of 13 could become junior members of any fire or rescue department.  All of that changed when the child labor laws came into affect changing the age to 16.  Many parents and youth were upset because they had already "waited their whole lives to join".  

Leslie Funkhouser, 4-H Project Associate for the Virginia Cooperative Extension office in Woodstock, Virginia came up with a suggestion for those fire and rescue departments in Shenandoah County.  The suggestion was that each department create a 4-H club so that youth under the age of 16 could join and participate in trainings, parades, fund raising and various other activities.  With the youth being able to participate in trainings they would learn hands on and class room teachings that would prepare them for when they turned 16 and were able to become a junior member of their chosen department.  Ms. Funkhouser put much work into this project and visited those departments that were interested in this idea to present it and answer any questions.  

It has been a great organization for the community.