Come take a lovely drive through beautiful Fort Valley

and stop for a great dinner at the

Fort Valley Volunteer Fire Department. 

We begin at 3:00 pm and stop serving at 7:00 pm

Cost is $17.00 for ages 11 and older and $7 for children 5 to 10.  

Children 4 and under - Free

Before being seated, you'll choose between

Ham (not country ham) or Oysters or you're welcome to both.

Then we hope you're able make a final decision on any

one of the yummy homemade or store bought desserts. 

When you get to this point, things will look a little different.  

We will have limited seating for this particular supper so we are encouraging take outs.

So come on out, enjoy the beautiful scenery, meet some new friends

or catch up with old friends and let us serve you!!

Don't have time to come and sit with us but don't want to pass up a great meal,  

consider doing a take out order!

The great folks assisting with the take out orders

will prepare your order(s) as quickly as possible.

If you're dining in with us but also want a take out order(s),

please feel free to purchase your take out ticket(s)

at the same time you purchase your regular meal ticket(s). 

Then when you're done eating you can proceed to the take out line.

The majority of all desserts are homemade by Fort Valley residents. 

Oysters are very fresh being picked up from Bevans Seafood in Kinsale Virginia

(located in the Eastern part  of VA)

on Friday, the day before each supper.   

On occasion the oysters are still being shucked when we arrive to pick up our order. 

How's that for fresh?!

The supper is put on by the many volunteers

of the department and the community. 

We start a month ahead of time making our lists and placing our orders to the

companies we have purchased from for over 30 years.

If you ever would like to volunteer and help out we can always use help!!!!!

Below is a list of tasks and the days they are done.  You can call the department to see if we need help or just stop by if you have time.


Monday's - Groceries arrive and are put away  

Tuesday's - 12 full sized boneless hams are baked, cooled, wrapped and

                          placed in the cooler,tables and chairs are set up,table items are put out, steams

                          tables are set in place 

Wednesday's - 2 cases of Crackers are grinded, 6 cases of cabbage are leafed and quartered,

                                 1440 Rolls are baked, cooled and wrapped

Thursday's - (if rolls did not get baked on Wed. they will get baked today), the 12 hams are

                           unwrapped, skinned, sliced, and weighed.  Then they are wrapped and

                           packaged for Saturday. 

Friday's - Starting at 8:00 am, approximately 10 bushel of potatoes are peeled, washed then

                        cut to size and placed in pans and covered in water. 

                   - The 6 cases of cabbage that were quartered are shred for coleslaw 

                   - 130 - 170 gallons of tea and tea syrup are made (gallons depend on the weather)  

                   - The kitchens are set up for Saturday morning & the potatoes are checked to see if

                       they need more water on them.  

Saturday's - Starting at 5:30 am we show up to start the cooking process.  All the veggies

                           are placed in pots, seasoned and turned on.  

                        - Once all the veggies are on, the coleslaw dressing is made and coleslaw is

                            made.The dressing is a fire department recipe that only a select few know.

                       - 7:00 am oysters are set out to start the rolling process.  We use our own special

                           recipe of various types of crackers and an egg mixture.  Only a select few know

                           the recipe for this and the other foods.   - Once the oysters are all finished, it's

                           time to clean up and have lunch.  All volunteers who help,get to have some of

                           our homemade country sausage pot pie, coleslaw, and a hand picked dessert. 

                        - Once lunch is over, there are many other tasks to take care of before we start

                            serving at 3:30.    

                        - We like for food and drink servers to arrive around 2:15 so we know we'll have

                            enough help and where to assign them.  Also if there's any information that

                            needs to be given, this gives the co-chair time to go over that as well.  

                        - Starting around 8:00, we need dishwashers for the duration of the day.  You

                            can come and work a few hours, an hour, or all day, just whatever time you

                            can give.  

                        - Starting at 7:00 pm we start cleaning up.  A crew is needed to help clean up and

                            and stay until the last dish is washed, dried, put away, and the last spot on the

                            floor is moped.

Ham & Oyster Suppers

Co-Chairs: Rhonda Melton & Wendy Bulatko & Eric Funk

Copyright 2013. Fort Valley Fire Department. All Rights Reserved.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us during the COVID Crisis. 

Your dedication and concern to our department is overwhelming

Fort Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

For directions go to the Home Page and click on the google map to get directions.


     3rd Saturday, March 19            4th Saturday, April 23

           3rd Saturday, October 15         3rd Saturday, November 19


            Ham                           Fresh                   Butter/Parsley

                                               Oysters                      Potatoes    

         Seasoned                 Sauerkraut               Department

       Green beans                                               Recipe Coleslaw

        Fresh Baked            Applesauce                   Pickles


       Sweet Ice Tea         Unsweet Ice Tea          Water/Coffee

Majority of Home made Desserts are made

by Fort Valley Residents.

     There are also a great supply great store bought items.