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Thank you to all those who came out to support us in 2016!

Fort Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

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3rd Saturday, March 18, 2017                          4th Saturday, April 22, 2017

    1st Saturday, October 07, 2017                    3rd Saturday, November 18, 2017


Come take a lovely drive through beautiful Fort Valley and stop for a great dinner at the

Fort Valley Volunteer Fire Department. 

We begin at 3:30 pm and stop serving at 7:00 pm

Choose between Ham (not country ham) or Oysters or you're welcome to both and we hope you're able make a final decision on any one of the yummy homemade or store bought desserts.  You will then be seated to delicious choices of "sit down family style" bowls of seasoned green beans w/ham, sauerkraut, butter & parsley potatoes, homemade dept. recipe coleslaw, applesauce, pickles & fresh baked rolls served with unlimited iced tea, coffee or water.  Cost is $15 for adults and $5 for children 10 years and younger.  We also do take outs.  If the line is at a standstill please advance to the cashier and let them know you are getting a takeout order and they will let you in the take out line.  The majority of all desserts are homemade by Fort Valley residents.  Oysters are very fresh being picked up from Bevans Seafood in Eastern VA on Friday the day before each supper.  The supper is put on by the many volunteers of the department and the community.  So come on out, enjoy the beautiful scenery, meet some new friends or catch up with old friends and let us serve you!!


            Ham                           Fresh                   Butter/Parsley

                                               Oysters                      Potatoes    

         Seasoned                 Sauerkraut               Department

       Green beans                                               Recipe Coleslaw

        Fresh Baked            Applesauce                   Pickles


       Sweet Ice Tea         Unsweet Ice Tea          Water/Coffee

Majority of Home made Desserts are made

by Fort Valley Residents.

     There are also a great supply great store bought items.

Ham & Oyster Suppers

Co-Chairs: Rhonda Melton & Wendy Bulatko