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Lawrence Ritenour

Herbert Parker



Milton Dinges

Everette L. Litten

Jonas M. Burner

Donald C. Kadel

Edwin M. Tamkin

Charles E. Cullers

Donald Pryor

J. Hank Marr

William R. "Russ"


Harry McClanahan

Joseph Rzesutock

Roy Cook Jr.

Robert Stanley Major

Jim Jackson

Margie Lichliter

John Cullers

Chester Zenger

P. G. Coverstone

Sam Boyer

Edgar Shipe

Jim Marsh

Leroy "Bus"


William R. "Bob" Shipe

Douglas "Wink"


In Loving Memory of Those Members and Beautiful Ladies of Our Auxiliary 

Who Have Left This Life Before Us

Fort Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Vernon W. Poff Sr.

C. E. Grandstaff

The video below was made for our 50th Department Anniversary. 

Individual Photos are below if your convenience.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to remember these wonderful people.

Ben Sweeny (Probationary Member)

Roderick W. Burke

Paul Plauger Sr.

First President

George Fitchett Jr.

Arthur W. Clem

Roland Wood

W. F. Lichliter

Max Van Horn

John Powell Sr.

George A. McClanahan

Shawn Shields (Jr. Member)

G. Robert Benton

Marion Grayson Funk

Vice President / Board of Director

‚ÄčApril 8, 1947 - January 23, 2016

Elmo Mantz

W. Albert Shipe